Club Registration

The Club Registration Scheme is a 90 day conditional registration scheme for Historic and Left Hand Drive Vehicles provided by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. This allows these vehicles to be registered for a reduced fee.


The vehicle must be at least 25 years old as of the 1st of January the year in which the vehicle was manufactured. A certificate of exemption must be provided for vehicles modified outside of the Road Traffic Act 1961. Especially vehicles fitted with a non-original type engine.


First you must be a member of the Nissan Datsun Car Club of SA. If you are not a current member CLICK HERE TO JOIN, once your Club Membership is processed log in Via the Current NDCC Members Login and take out a CLUB VEHICLE REGISTRATION MEMBERSHIP to match your normal club membership eg, 1, 2 or 3 years. This membership is FREE.
If you are already a member you will just need to log in Via the Current NDCC Members Login and take out only a CLUB VEHICLE REGISTRATION to match your current membership expiry date. This membership is FREE.

PLEASE NOTE. If the vehicle to go on the scheme is in joint names, both persons must be a financial member of the Club. In the case of a partner, they can be listed as a Family Member when joining the Club and receive free membership.

Once you have received your membership conformations for your CLUB MEMBERSHIP and your CLUB VEHICLE REGISTRATION MEMBERSHIP you can proceed to the next step...

Next contact the club at to make a booking to reserve a spot at a club meeting to complete your paperwork.

Club meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month (Except for December and January). You will need to bring your current/last expired rego form or Vehicle Identity Inspection Report (MR29) filled and stamped. One of our Authorised Persons will fill out and give you the required MR334 Club Rego Approval form.

The Club provides you for $5 an authorized vehicle Log Book. The applicant then goes to a Services SA branch where they fill out an MR1 Application for Registration and Third Party Insurance Form and then submit both forms. Services SA cancel the current registration on the vehicle (No refund is given for any remaining registration) and then register the vehicle under the Club Registration Scheme. The applicant then pays the new reduced registration fee.


  1. Nissan Datsun Car Club of SA membership must be current at all times. If your membership EXPIRES you are NOT REGISTERED.
  2. Your vehicle registration must be paid and current through Services SA.
  3. Your Log Book membership section must be signed and stamped when your NDCC membership is renewed by our Authorised Persons. As well as your Log Book must be filled out for every day/journey you drive your vehicle.


The Club Registration Code Of Practice can be found here...

View Here View Here


Further enquires can be made to our Authorised Club Registration Officer at