Membership cost is - 55.00 AUD
1 Year NDCCSA Club Membership
Membership cost is - 110.00 AUD
2 Years NDCCSA Club Membership
Membership cost is - 165.00 AUD
3 Years NDCCSA Club Membership
MEMBER, means a person who has paid a joining fee to the club and is still financial, or any person who has been granted Honorary Membership according
to these rules.

QUALIFYING FOR MEMBERSHIP. Membership is open to any person interested in the furtherance of the Objectives of the Club.

ADMISSION OF MEMBERS. Every candidate for admission as a Member shall lodge with the Treasurer an application on this website form, accompanied with
the joining fee, which will be determined by the Club Members at the General Meeting from time to time. The Committee reserves the right to refuse
Membership to any person without giving a reason.

MEMBERSHIP FEES. The cost of maintaining Membership of the Club shall be determined by the Club Members at a General Meeting from time to time. Payment of the Fee and Membership Options

1 year membership -  valid from 1st of July and expires on 30th June.
2 year membership -  valid from 1st of July and expires on 30th June in the second year.
3 year membership -  valid from 1st of July and expires on 30th June in the third year.

A person who has not renewed their Club Membership is deemed to be a Club Member with all the
rights, privileges and responsibilities until the end of two (2) calendar months.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. Honorary Membership may be granted to any person who, in the opinion of the Club, has rendered extraordinary services to the Club.
Honorary members are exempt from annual subscriptions for a period of ten (10) years. Further ten (10) year periods may be granted provided the Member
concerned still associates with the Club.

UNFINANCIAL MEMBER. Any Member who without just cause fails to pay subscription fees or levies, or any installment thereof within a period of two (2)
calendar months after becoming due, shall be deemed to be an Unfinancial Member, and at the discretion of the Committee may be excluded from all
benefits and privileges of the Club, and if any such Member fails to pay the arrears in full on demand, the Club may cancel the Membership.
In the event of such cancellation of Membership, the Member shall no longer be liable for any outstanding subscriptions except on readmission.

RESIGNATION OF A MEMBER. Any Member of the Club may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary. A resignation shall not become effective,
however, unless and until all subscriptions and levies due to the date of notice of resignation have been paid and all items of Club property have
been returned to the Secretary or dealt with as the Secretary may direct in writing.

SUSPENSION AND CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP. The Club in a Special General Meeting may suspend for such period as they think fit, or cancel the
Membership of any Member without giving a reason provided that the Member concerned is notified by the Secretary in writing within fourteen (14) days
of the cancellation coming into effect. The expelled Member shall forthwith return all items of Club property in his custody or possession to the
Secretary or deal with such items as the Secretary may direct in writing. Cancelled Membership Fees will not be refunded.

APPLICATION FOR READMISSION. Any person whose Membership has been cancelled pursuant to these Rules shall not be eligible to apply for Membership
within a period of one calendar year from the date of cancellation unless otherwise determined by the Club and the Club may appoint a date for his
reinstatement as a Member.

PRIVILEGES. Subject to these Rules and to the payment of any prescribed subscriptions, fees, levies, and/or admission charges, the privileges of a
Member shall include: access to and use of all rooms and facilities of the Club; participation in, and use and benefit of any sport, pastime, means of
education, amusement, entertainment, social gathering and any other activity of the Club; the right to claim Membership to the Club to entitle
participation in pastimes, the right to vote on Club matters at Monthly, Special or Annual General Meetings, where each Member shall have equal
voting rights.

NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS. It shall be the responsibility of all Members to maintain their address and contact details, using the membership
section of this website.

Nissan Datsun Car Club SA may change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
Your personal information must be held in our membership database and is information collected directly from you. We take reasonable steps to protect any personal information that we hold from misuse and loss.
We use a personal information for the following purposes:
To assess and process membership
To communicate with you
To comply with our legal obligations
You have the right to access any personal information that the Club may hold about you.
Nissan Datsun Car Club SA may change the Privacy Policy without prior notice.
If you require any further information, please contact us
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